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Liv Lit Up

I love hats, a good dance party, and vintage cars. I find inspiration in people and their cultures and am always eager to hop on a plane. A proud Sin City native, I grew up in the ballet studio and am related to Vegas Vick. Halloween is a big holiday in my family and I have plenty of wigs to prove it.

When not in the design studio, you can find me in the spin or pilates studio – unless I’m lifting heavy things in the gym, or galloping through the desert on my horse.


Built by Kids | Empowering our children with the tools they’ll need to create an extraordinary future. 🙂

Sandy Valley Ranch | 45 Minutes and 100 Years from Las Vegas. Come Play Cowby for Real 😮

Gublerland | Wearable Pieces of Art Inspired by the Life and Mind of Matthew Gray Gubler 😉