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Aerial Silks | Part One

When a friend invited me to join her for an afternoon of aerial silks, naturally I accepted. Spending a weekend on the Santa Monica Pier, dangling from yards of fabric suspended from the sky for the amusement of tourists passing by sounded like good entertainment.

At the worst, I would challenge my body in ways I had never done before and laugh more than ever as I made a complete fool of myself. At best, I would be able to muscle myself into a few poses reminiscent of the incredible Cirque du Soleil performances that always leave me in awe, and I would walk away fulfilled and invigorated.

Since I have a few photos to share you can probably figure out that I was able to fake my way through the class. And, from the title of this entry, ‘Aerial Silks | Part One’ you can also probably deduct that I will be going back for more. No exercise in my current repertoire demands as much from my body as aerial silks and I’m on a mission to become the strongest, most efficient version of myself. Better late than never, right? It also feels really good to fly 😉